Hello, everyone! I’m glad you could have made it here today!


So, how are you enjoying the content here so far? If you enjoyed it, great! But if you still have to take a single peek here, then let me be the one to help you out at it!

My “name” here in this blog is Cig AC, and ‘AC’ stands for… you know what, why don’t you try finding it out for yourself what that means? You actually have a whole website to explore what my name means here, ladies and gentlemen!

But of course, that’s beside the point. And the “point” is that you’re here to look for something specific. If I may take a guess, it has something to do with looking an alternative to smoking, am I right? You are looking to quit smoking, and you find it difficult to do so. if that’s the case, then I believe that this website can help you a lot on this purpose!

If this is your first time visiting the website, then let me help you “orient” yourself to stuff and content you will see posted on pages like the one you are reading now. This is a website that is made for people who want to quit smoking in the most helpful and productive ways possible. And really, if we are just going to ask who has ever tried “quitting” before, then it should come as no surprise that this decision comes at a hefty price. Imagine having to stop doing immediately the habit that you have been used to doing for many, many years now; it is almost enough to make you physically ill, doesn’t it? Well, with smoking, quitting it does make you ill, and that is perhaps the reason why so many smokers are hesitant to do so.

With that said, this is why we made this website in the first place: it is meant as a safe space for smokers who find it difficult to drop their habits and are looking for people who are in a similar situation, too. Now, while I can’t claim to speak for every member of the website here, I can at least say to you that, yes, quitting smoking is indeed possible. I have done it, and believe me when I say that is not easy at all. But yes, it is possible.

The wonderful thsmoke blacking about trying to quit smoking nowadays is that there is not one method for doing so: going “cold turkey” is always an option, but it certainly won’t prove to be the “safest” mode there is. There are behavioral modifications that can help you quit smoking; methods of which has decades and decades of science supporting it.

On the other hand, there are many products and services that will help you for your purpose of quitting smoking. Personally, ecigarettes have proven to be very helpful in this regard because it is a product that is designed to wean you on “real” smoking but shunting you to an alternative that is not only more safe, but also cleaner and less toxic than its real-world tobacco counterparts.

Similar to the helpful community you will be encountering here in this website, the culture of ecigarette consumption is designed to be as welcoming to any “newbie” who want to participate in it. Believe me when I say that the ecigarette community is probably the closest analogue you can find in real life for a “welcoming” internet culture.

So, I think I’ve got all bases covered here now. So, again, I hope you enjoy browsing this website, and please don’t hesitate to email me if you think I can help you on something. Thanks, and I hope to see more of you here!

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